You have heard that people get paid to write resumes? Yes! Resume writing is one of the most lucrative remote writing jobs. If you can write a resume that will secure a person the job immediately, then you are the perfect candidate for these tasks. So, how to become a remote resume writer?

A freelance resume writer is an ordinary writer with a passion for resumes. You work as a specialist in writing resumes. But how do you begin this journey as a resume writer? Here are is a complete guide on resume writing freelancing jobs.

Take a basic writing course

Some people are born writers while others must learn writing in class. However, professional writing requires training. You will be taught how to use language to achieve different objectives.

Training will help you to produce standardized resumes. Learning basic writing skills is the first trick on how to become a resume writer. Enroll at a reputable school for such introductory courses in journalism, language, and literature.

There is no specific course for resume writers. It is the combination of skills you learn in the course of training that helps you to become a better writer. If you have studied other courses, you may take a bridging writing course. It will prepare you for writing jobs beyond drafting CVs for your clients. Training is one of the tricks on how to become a certified resume writer.

Practice resume writing

Practice how to write resumes. Resumes take a specific structure that takes time to master. Each category of jobs also requires you to highlight particular sections and skills. It will take time to master the production of the best resumes.

Pick random job adverts online and create resumes for potential candidates. You may also use details of friends or fictitious characters to create resumes. Write as many resumes as possible.

Notice the requirements indicated in adverts for remote resume writing jobs. Twerk your resume to make the candidate to be the best suited for the job. It will be easier to write real resumes in the future when potential candidates come looking for your services because you already have the experience.

Review resume samples

Obtain samples of resumes used to secure resume writing jobs remote. The samples can be found online, especially on websites offering such writing jobs. The websites display the qualifications of each writer on their profiles to help clients in choosing the best candidate.

Any sample you use must come from credible sources. It ensures that these samples meet the highest standards required in the market. The samples will guide you on the best language to use, keywords to include in the resume, and the perfect structure to adopt, among other elements.

You may discuss the sample with friends and peers, especially those who understand resume writing. Pick the best elements from different samples to enrich the eventual resume. You may also compare samples from different job adverts to get a better idea of the perfect sample for remote writing jobs.

Sign up on freelancing sites

Most remote resume writer jobs are found on freelancing websites. Clients also come looking for potential writers on these websites. The websites are, therefore, the perfect place to find jobs.

Registration to freelance writing websites is free. You provide personal details like your name, qualification, and writing specialization. The details you provide on your profile will cause clients to choose your services over the other writers.

Clients will rate your services on the website. The ratings will determine the position you appear in when a client comes searching for resume writing services. If you produce excellent resumes, your profile will rise through the ranks, resulting in more work.

Start a resume writing business

Start a resume writing business in your neighborhood or online. The option gives you the independence of determining your pay. You do not pay commission to freelance websites since clients will be contacting you directly. Further, you can hire other writers to work under your umbrella, diversifying the services you offer.

You need a website advertising your services online. You can also use the free blogs to advertise your resume writing business. Grow the business by meeting customer expectations and asking for referrals.

Use social media

Social media is a perfect place to advertise your writing skills. You can reach more people and engage easily as you negotiate prices or deadlines. Create a social media account on different platforms to widen your resume writing net. Share valuable resume writing tips and content to capture the attention of your potential clients.

A good resume writer will always attract referrals. Meet the expectations of your clients and request them to return during future job searches. They will send friends to enjoy your services as well. If you are a good writer, there will always be an opportunity for you.

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