A professionally written writers resume example will help you to draft the most captivating CV for the job. It directs you on the details to include, the sections to capture, and how to make the resume unique. Only the best resume will earn you a writing job.

Writing jobs are extremely competitive. Remember that you will be competing with professionals who are used to writing. They help other people to produce flawless documents. You need to be at the top of your writing game to stand a chance to win the writing job.

How to write a writer’s resume

A resume for a writer is just like every other resume but slightly different. It is similar because you must capture particular information. On the other hand, the resume is different because each job advert is looking for different skills and competencies.

Here are details you must include in a writer’s resume:

  1. Personal details

Clients want to know the people handling their writing assignments. The details help them to choose the most appropriate attribute combination to achieve a particular goal. Choose the relevant personal details that will win the confidence of your client or recruiter.

Personal details include your name and contact details. You may also add passion to give a better idea of the kind of person you are. Some job adverts will indicate the personal details to be included in the job advert. Missing personal details like address or contact details will compromise your chances of securing the job.

  1. Specialization

Resume writers have specializations. Remember that the basic training is that of a general writer. Some writers choose to draft resumes for beginner jobs. Others are specialists in crafting CVs for corporate executives. You may also find a specialist in business-related jobs while another does well writing CVs for the hospitality industry. Such differences help the writers to produce the most captivating resume.

A client will choose a specialist in the area he is applying for a job. The client is guaranteed that the writer understands the terminologies and buzzwords used in the industry. If you are looking for a CV for writers, you will want to work with a writer who understands the industry.

  1. Education

Education level gives your clients confidence that you understand how to write. It is during training that you encounter different sections and structures used in writing resumes. You will also have an idea of the resume template for writers to use in each case. Many clients will trust you just because you have gone to school and learned how to write resumes.

Training should also include any short course you take on writing. It helps to take a course offered by a credible and recognized international body. It raises your profile ahead of those of other writers competing for the same job. Do not include irrelevant details in your education section. It makes the section too cumbersome to read.

  1. Experience

Experienced hands produce better quality work. Indicate the number of years you have written resumes. You may also indicate the type of resumes you have written so that the clients can align their expectations with your expertise. Your narrative about your writing experience acts as resume writing prompts. The client will be sure to trust your services because you have done it for other clients.

  1. Proof

Proof that you can write by providing a writer resume example on your profile. The trick works on websites where you have a chance to upload proof. The client will look at your sample and order a similar one or modify a few elements to fit the job he is applying for. Clients also need proof of their qualifications to write. Indicate the writing certificate earned. Evidence always inspires confidence.

  1. Unique details

Include the unique details that will make your resume stand out. You may have received an award or been rated as the best writer on a platform. Make the resume as unique as possible. It shows your diligence while at the same time capturing the attention of potential clients.

Resume vs Online Profile

Before looking at resume samples for writers, it helps to recognize that resumes may come in two formats. You may send a resume for a job or be required to create a profile online. The details in the two cases are similar. However, you have to emphasize some of them to capture the attention of potential clients.

An online profile needs to consider SEO rules because it appears upon search on the internet. Still, it must include buzzwords that make you the most suitable candidate for a position. However, if you are sending the resume in an email, it should only capture the important details about the job. Include the buzzwords but skip the SEO rules.

Here is a sample resume for a writing job:

Maxwell Fredrick

190, 67534

Atlanta, Georgia, US


Personal Statement

A dynamic and creative writer, with over 5 years of professional writing experience. Exceptional in corporate writing, digital content, and branding materials. Attentive to details during technical writing. The writer you have been looking for.

Education and Training

2017-2020- 1st class honors graduate at Atlanta State University.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies.
  • Recipient of the Dean’s Award
  • Represented the class and won the National Debate
  • Wrote the winning essay during the National University Essay Competition


2019- Present Self Employed-Freelance Writer

  • Been working as a freelancer writing CVs for my classmates and peers.
  • Top-Rated resume writer at Top Writers LTD
  • Worked as a journalist for college magazine

2020-2021- Writer and Editor at Bright Pen Inc.

  • Started Bright Pen Inc. a resume and corporate writing business.
  • The company is now serving some of the biggest brands in Atlanta.

Additional skills

I am a proficient TOEFL certified English tutor. I am also proficient in graphics design. I have achieved a +100 WPM typing speed.

Pick the best writer resumes examples to guide you when drafting your own. Customize your resume based on the job you are applying for. Follow the same resume writing rules when crafting your online profile.

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